Tedlar® Sidewall and Panels Repair

Tedlar® Sidewall and Panels Repair

Nearly all interior walls and dividers are originally laminated with Tedlar® polyvinyl fluoride (PVF). As they get worn over time, Tedlar® sidewall and panels repair is recommended.

It is easy to clean and a long-lasting material overall. As the interior of an aircraft is in constant use, small defects evolve, which can harm the visual appearance. Details with this sort of damages look sloppy and give the impression, that the aircraft is worn and old.

Defects up to 1 inch can be repaired with composite materials or be covered up with patterns. The damaged area becomes unnoticeable and it can be detected only after thorough inspection.

Why you should consider Tedlar® sidewall and lavatory panel repairs:

  1. Damaged Tedlar® can become a safety hazard to passengers
  2. A small defect in Tedlar® can escalate very quickly and turn into a big problem
  3. Passengers crave a good visual while flying – the less defects it has, the newer the aircraft looks
  4. Some Tedlar® materials are not in production anymore, in which case we advise to repair the existing one instead of replacing all materials