Leather Seat Covers Repair and Cleaning

Leather Seat Covers Repair and Cleaning

As time passes, interior details made from leather need to be repaired or overhauled, regardless of the aircraft type. Since replacing details is costly, leather seat covers repair and cleaning should be considered.

The corners of seat-covers become worn and start showing friction marks which can cause more serious consequences that lead to the need of replacing the seats. Timely repair of streaks and scratches combined with painting services and cleaning enable you to restore the initial appearance of the seats and other upholstery. The materials used for repairs are certified and do not include harmful substances.

Regarding serious damages of leather seats and the need to produce new seat-covers, we offer a complex-service in association with DOA and POE, which is in accordance with EASA PART-21J.

Why you should consider leather seat repairs & cleaning:

  1. A good visual and touch on leather give passengers the feeling of comfort – the less defects, the newer the aircraft looks
  2. Leather should be cleaned twice a year to avoid the “sticky” sensation that is caused by dirt and lack of ventilation
  3. If leather is guarded with the correct type of protective coating, it is easier to remove stains (e.g. pen stains, denim stains, gum)
  4. Timely restoration of leather prolongs the lifespan of seats
  5. Even bigger defects like a tear or a rip can be fixed using our methods

Repairs, leather-painting work and cleaning can be performed in our workshop situated in Tallinn or in facilities provided by the client. The cost of services depends on the capacity and other details of the order. The cost of repair-work on rather serious damages is approximately 45€/h (needed materials not included). If the service is performed in a different location from our Tallinn workshop, the client covers the transportation costs of the team and materials along with accommodation costs while performing the services.