Aircraft Aluminum Polishing

Aircraft Aluminum Polishing

By polishing metal surfaces, we mean engines, slats and stabilisers. There are several details on an aircraft, that need aircraft aluminum polishing as time passes.

The original appearance of these surfaces is a pleasant matte look, but as time passes and air-flow does its work, they develop a worn look. Many like shiny surfaces, which glimmer in sunlight and give the aircraft a beautiful overall look. The procedure of polishing is quite time-consuming and depends on the condition of the polishable surface and needed result. On average, glossing the polished surface takes 10 hours for engine edgings and 15 hours for slats. The cost of the procedure is 45€/h and does not include the cost of needed materials. Only certified materials are used for polishing.

Why you should consider metal surface polishing:

  1. Metal surfaces on an aircraft hold a high aesthetic value to the passengers
  2. Visuals are the main value on which passengers build their trust towards the aviation service provider
  3. Polished surfaces collect less dirt and stay clean for a longer period of time

Procedures are carried out only if conditions fit for polishing are met (dry and warm weather of the existence of a hangar).

Important! Keep in mind that polishing of some surfaces is prohibited by the aircraft manufacturer. Surfaces, that are originally matte, should not be polished unless really needed.

In some cases, polishing of interior details is needed. In this case, we kindly ask you to send us photo material and we will try to find a solution to the problem.