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Repair/Cleaning of Interior Surfaces

During usage, different metal surfaces develop small defects. Apart from leather repairs, the repair and cleaning of other interior surfaces should be considered.

Defects such as chips, small dents, scratches and friction marks occur most frequently. Some details develop small cracks or fractures which can mostly be repaired, followed by painting.

In many occasions, it is impossible the replace the detail, in which case we can help you restore the initial appearance of it. Cargo bins, tables, curtains, carpets and other constantly used details need maintenance and cleaning as well as other parts of the aircraft, which is why we kindly offer services regarding the aforementioned. However, cleaning curtains and carpets is regulated by the manual written by the manufacturer.

In order to assure the possibility of reparations on a detail, we kindly ask you to take a picture of the defect with a ruler set next to it. After inspection we can confirm if the defect is fixable.

Important! Dry-cleaning and washing can be performed only in Tallinn Airport – details can be transported to our location.

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